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APPLE is a partnership between students, teachers and parents. We work together to create a learning community where each member is valued. Students take responsibility for their learning by setting personal goals in academic content area and in study habits and social skills. Teachers help students meet school district learning targets while guiding them toward their goals. Parents provide classroom support, both in and out of the classroom, and wonderful enrichment opportunities.

Our strength comes from knowing that we are all in this together because we value education. Our joy comes from watching our children grow and learn.

APPLE was started over twenty-five years ago by an energetic and dedicated group of parents who decided that they needed to be more involved in their children’s education. The idea of Alternative Parent Participation Learning Experience (APPLE) was created. The parents presented their guidelines and by-laws to the District 81 School Board and it was accepted.

Since then the program has grown tremendously. There are currently two APPLE programs, located at Franklin and Garfield Elementary Schools. Franklin APPLE has 6 classrooms; Garfield has 3 classrooms.

It is a privilege to be at Franklin Elementary in our six classrooms and to be active members of both APPLE and the Franklin Student Body. Our principal, Buz Hollingsworth, and the Franklin Elementary Staff, are sources of wonderful support.