Spring Event - Camp Lutherhaven

Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 9:30am to Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 12:00pm

Hello, yet again, Spring Event folks!  We're definitely hoping this is our last email to attendees (but in the event you want more, I can come up with something?!).  You'll want to read these carefully prepared bullet points for the final details you'll receive until arriving at Lutherhaven:



  • Attached is (what we hope to be) the final MASTER SCHEDULE for Spring Event.  We will also provide copies of this at check-in as well as a Welcome Packet with all the information you'll need for the weekend.


  • Please remember to bring your completed Camp Lutherhaven Release of Liability to camp with you on Saturday (this was sent in your pre-departure packet last week).


  • Please be sure to review your volunteer sign ups on Sign Up Genius.  All tribes (APPLE kiddos) and Tribe Leaders (adults in charge of tribes) will be given special APPLE Spring Event "SURVIVOR" buffs before we start activities Saturday afternoon.


  • If you are volunteering for anything else, please get a buff at check-in and WEAR your buff while volunteering.  Camp Lutherhaven has requested we do this so that they can identify which adults are "in charge/responsible for kids" vs. adults just hanging out.


  • EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK IN ON ARRIVAL (we'll make our check-in table viewable and obvious)! When you check in, if you are in a cabin in the RETREAT HOUSE you will have to wait until around 3pm on Saturday to put your belongings in your cabin. You should be able to park fairly close to your cabin and/or drop your belongings in a location close to your cabin.


  • If you noted allergies or dietary restrictions on your registration, Camp Lutherhaven will do their best to accommodate most needs. NO NUTS ARE SERVED AT CAMP.  In the case of gluten free and vegetarian options, Camp Lutherhaven staff will prepare alternatives as needed but these will be "behind the counter" and provided on request to avoid them being accidentally taken by those not on restricted diets.  We will have two APPLE volunteers at each meal to help direct traffic and they will have information at meal time if you need assistance.


  • SIXTH GRADE PARENTS: The Shhhh.....(secret) meeting will be taking place at 10:30am on Saturday, instead of 11am. I (Rebecca) can be available to let you know where to go and help with any last-minute questions. If you're not able to make the 10:30am meeting, find me during the day and we'll chat/practice! I'll be wearing a multi-colored buff and probably many mosquito bites.


  • Camp Lutherhaven has another group arriving on Sunday right after we leave, so we appreciate everyone being prompt in packing up Sunday and being on the way home by noon.  Please remember to leave cabins and the area as nice as we found it.  You should have plenty of time Sunday morning to pack up and still attend our EXCITING closing ceremonies Sunday morning (where the winning Survivor tribe will be determined!).  As always, please email [email protected] with any questions.






The S.E.C.